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Why the Western Hockey League?

Every player has their own path in hockey. Day in and day out, players are traded called up or sent down, players are given contracts or cut. There are youth teams, professional teams, university teams, and Junior teams. I’ve seen players go from High School hockey to NCAA and to the NHL, I’ve seen players go to the Western League and to the NHL. Players go through the minors and Tier 1, 2, 3 juniors, or guys slide into the beer leagues out of their youth days. No player has the same path, no player pays the same dues though we all pay them… continue reading.

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40/60 Players

by Coach Ben Walker

“The National Hockey League is made up of 31 clubs spanning over two countries. Each club rosters 23 players on game nights. There are 713 game night roster spots. The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) says there are close to two million hockey players in the world, ranging over more than 70 countries (that’s a 0.0003565% chance of reaching the league). Canada, holds the largest percent of athletes that compete in the NHL with 34%. The United States, a clear rival in the game, comes close behind at 32%…” (continue reading here)

The Western Hockey is a Major Junior League in Western Canada  whl.ca

The Western Hockey is a Major Junior League in Western Canada whl.ca

Coach Walker has begun to write for the DubNetwork. The DubNetwork provides coverage of the Western Hockey League. Ben played in the league for the Victoria Royals where he received fan favorite and unsung hero awards. To read Ben’s article click here.


Training Like A Champion

Joe Sakic (Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche 1998-09, 1,641 pts)

Joe Sakic (Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche 1998-09, 1,641 pts)

Champions are made not born

We all know the Greats, Gretzky Lemieux Orr Selänne Forsberg ect.

But not everyone knows what it took to reach the hall of fame. Not everyone knows what it truly looks like to have so much disciplined motivation that nothing will stand in your way. Every time an athlete puts on his helment and gloves, he must know that today is the day. The day to improve, to attack the comfort zone so vigorously that they fail. Over and over again until they perfect their skills so much that they can’t get it wrong.


In 1954 the first recorded 4 minute mile was ever broken. Prior, scientists claimed this was humanly impossible. In the last 50 years the mile record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds.

Seventeen seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but that 17 seconds could be the difference between winning a cup or not, making your Squirt/Atom team, or even catching the eye of that one coach that gives you a chance at the next level.

The game of hockey is changing every year. Training techniques get better, equipment improves, and rules change. The game that existed in the Maurice Richard era is not what it was in the Bobby Clark days, and is night and day from the current Sidney Crosby era.

Discipline. It’s the most crucial aspect of a player’s tool box. Discipline in an athlete is not cutting corners when no ones looking, but going the extra mile without being told because you know it’s the right way. If you lack discipline, you may avoid the pain of a hard workout, or a sore leg from a puck you blocked in last nights game. But you’ll never avoid the pain of regret, knowing that you didn’t have the discipline that could have brought you success.

Sidney Crosby’s entire game is Discipline. Study him, on the puck his feet are moving, eyes are up reading the ice, his ears are listening for his team mates. Off the puck he’s forechecking and backchecking, supporting his team mates and communicating loudly to them. He never cuts corners, year round in training, working on all aspects of his game and listening to his coaches when they instruct him. Because Disciplined athletes are Coachable.

Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers 1969-84, 1,210 pts)

Bobby Clarke (Philadelphia Flyers 1969-84, 1,210 pts)


Mtn Made Hky demands discipline from athletes. Discipline is a learnt behavior. For some athlete’s it comes easy. For others, they need to be forced to break bad habits of laziness. Mtn Made Hky will demand discipline, coach-ability, and work ethic. You may not be the best player on the ice, but we will make sure you work like you want to be. And if you are at the top, your jobs even harder because not everyone can fit at the top of a mountain, and no one can stay at the top forever.

When you’re the best player on the ice, your job may be easier today but somewhere else there’s another athlete working his/her hardest to pass you by. If you’re at the top, work to stay there. If you’re not at the top, find a way to battle your way there.